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Fusion 10th Anniversary

(5 mins read)


Launch Date


Integrated campaign, creative design, content creation, video production
Aug. 2023 (3 weeks)

Sept. 12 - Sept. 30 2023

972,000 Youtube organic video views

+62% month-to-month in Sept

15,000 trial downloads (Sept. 12 - Sept. 30)

(combined till march, 2024)


September 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Autodesk Fusion software. Over the past decade, Autodesk Fusion has undergone many developments and evolutions, adding many new features. However, these added features do not seem to be well known or understood by customers.



Highlighting Product Improvements

Regenerate user interest in Fusion's new features


Fusion Brand Recognition

Regenerate user interest in Fusion's new features

Strategy 1: Paid ads on social media platforms

Channel: Youtube Organic
Channel: Instagram Paid ads

(972,825 views until March 2024)

Strategy 2: Trial reset

Allowing previous users, who stopped using the Fusion software, to try the updated version.

Channels: Instagram, Meta, Linkedin Paid ads
Channels: Google Display, Blog ads, Email

Strategy 3: Fusion Birthday Rebrand

Using celebratory messaging to commemorate Fusion's anniversary and strengthen the user's connection.

Channel: Organic Social
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