Above Water


Above Water is a weather lamp that creates a meditation space while having a function of weather forecasting. It is a dynamic lighting system that creates an intention for space. It is specifically for mood creating; one reason for this is to create a different atmosphere within a room. The designed lamp will work to reconnect users with the environment in their room to bring a harmonious feeling and by cooperating with the outer environment (weather). 


Above Water is designed to be located at the bedside table in your bedroom, and dominated by two main features: 

  1. A weather forecast system that reminds you of the weather while creating a calming environment within your home in improving freshness, richness, and playfulness at the same time.

  2. An attached portable flashlight design creates convenience that adapts to your different needs. There is no need to walk in the dark while having a flashlight illuminating your path.



Weather Forecasting system

•reminds you of the weather for preparing for the next day


portable flashlight

•creates convenience that adapts to your different needs