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Spend 3 more mins knowing Eve

Hello! I'm Eve. Nice to e-meet you here.

Get to know Eve as a designer
Her Background

Eve have a unique background spanning strategic design, visual communication, and product design, therefore bringing a multifaceted perspective set into the field.

Her Passion

She's passionate about problem solving through a macro-landscape. She makes product design decisions by understanding the value proposition, business model and budget/timeline limitaions behind. 

Her Belief

UX appealed to her belief :"a good UX design is a good strategy”, so it’s always rewarding for her to be a UX-er because it's crafting the foundation of a better business. 

Core Skills

Design Strategy


UI/UX Design

Product-led growthMarketing

Motion Graphic

Creative Direction

Icon Design

Business Design

Digital Strategy

Market Research

Eve has worked for...
Eve's story, aside from designing

When you are faced with new people, cultures and languages, it can be intimidating, but it has helped Eve to build up her abilities for the patience and empathy that helped her to understand user's needs. 

From a young age, she's embraced change and new experiences. At 12, she left mainland China🇨🇳 to Hong Kong🇭🇰 due to family reasons, starting to learn new languages and adapting new environments. At 15, she came to Vancouver, Canada🇨🇦, alone for her high school, then pursued her undergrad before landing in the US🇺🇸 for her master's degree. Growing up, each move shaped her, fueling her curiosity, resilience, and pursuit of knowledge in different destinations. 

Now, she carry the lessons of her global journey as she continue to grow. Her affinity for connecting with people from different walks of life enriches her understanding of diverse user groups. She likes getting in touch with different people, to see how people’s perspectives differ. This enables her to create inclusive solutions that cater to the needs of a diverse audience.

Besides designing, she'll continue exploring how amazing the world is.

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