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Bridging the communication
between elderly and the younger generation



Idea Development

CareIN: A Communication Device

Target Users & Location

The device built a connection between the different generations. The Elderly adopted volunteering as a way to communicate with the younger generation. The device was located at community centers or libraries. It allowed them to ask a question when they were lost or confused. Then, each senior who had a device provided feedback and help to the younger generation.

• Younger generation at library/community center
• Elderly (target age: 60-80) at home / nursing house

Idea Developmet

Co-Creation Activity with Elderly

For the elderly users, this handy size device is provided with an easy user experience design. It must be simple to learn and use, especially as some elderly people can have learning impairments or disabilities. We conducted multiple co-creation workshops to ensure user experience.


Design Guidelines

User Flow

IA  (Information Architecture)

IA & User Flow
Design Guidline

Visual Design Principle




Welcome & Sign In Pages

Featuring CareIn logo & introduction in the beginning to welcome users to sign in or register 

High Fidelity Prototype


Hifi Prototype

Introduction About CareIn

3 toggling pages showing a brief introduction of the App and how its objective

Care Design Feature

Allowing you to design you love card and send it digitally to CareIn device at elderly's location

My Inbox & Status Check

Allowing you check response from elderly and maintain conversation

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