A collaborative aviation platform for decarbonization.

One Aviation


Our solution is “One Aviation”: a collaborative aviation data platform that enables SMBC AC reposition themselves as a facilitator of the industry, helping airlines succeed both in their business and sustainability goals.

Main Features



Airlines constantly monitor their own data in order to make better decisions. If SMBC provides them a place to visualize their fleet data, allowing them also to monitor certain key features that can be shared with SMBC, a new channel of communication will be established.

Operational businesses bring with them several pain points and needs that must be solved quickly and efficiently. SMBC’s partnership role involves being part of this process and working together with the airlines.


Environmental Insight

Decarbonization requires metrics and data that facilitate the decision-making process.
This feature provides a space in which airlines can share their ESG information with SMBC.

In our several testings, we received feedback that delivering a “Bloomberg of Sustainability” will provide an easy way to visualize results and generate initiatives.

For SMBC, this is a new space for an active communication channel that will impart insights regarding how airlines are navigating decarbonization challenges.


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SMBC AC Green Hub

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Grid System

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