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Eve's Creative Gallery

It is creativity that drives my ability to make artistic and technical innovations and for design solutions. Here' a gallery where will document my ongoing creative energy.



In the course of creating, there is a lot of software to learn and master. I have always been interested in illustrating, inventing, and designing in the digital world. Take a look at my selected work below and let's grow together.


*Unless otherwise stated, all works are original without the use of templates or online assets.



Software Exploration

After Effect

Premiere Pro



Selected Creative Work

Project Introduction

Recreate the title sequence for a movie of my choice:

 Leon: The Professional.

Project Duration

2 Weeks

File Format




with audio



As the only in-house designer on my Fusion 360 Marketing team, this is a unique internship experience for me. While marketing managers struggle to incorporate creative elements into their campaigns with existing distinct brand guidelines and ads design fatigue, my role aims to innovate without breaking the rules. Following is documentation of how I created the design framework and the selected ads assets I created.


Creative Designer Intern @Fusion 360 Marketing


Sep 2022 - May 2023 (In progress)


• Conceptualizing, designing, and executing Fusion 360's creative marketing strategy.

• Collaboration across product marketing teams to translate abstract concepts into compelling visuals & video.

While Autodesk has established a distinct design system throughout its branding, the creative space for enabling surprising elements and grabbing attention from the audience may be limited.

Autodesk Brand Hub Webpages

As a creative designer, by not crossing over the branding system's constraints,
how could I be more creative and resonate with the audience better?

As a result of my own analysis and research, I created the following framework for evaluating creativity throughout my design:

1. Surprise

• With rare or surprising elements

• To trigger audience’s curiosity

Grabbing attention from audience

5. Artistic Value

Clever dialogue

Aesthetically appealing visual

• Original colour palette

• Memorable music

2. Empathy

• Speaking to user pain points

• To build strong, emotional relationships with audience

4. Storytelling

• creating a divergent story line

• Successfully communicate message with your audience

3. Purpose

• Establish clear objective, context and content

• Valid call-to-action that leads the audience

Sample Work with the Use of Framework

Launched Event:

Launched Event:


(These 3 videos are with sound, please be aware of your volume when you click the play button! :))

More on its way creating...!
Please come back and check another day again😄

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