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Collaborating with Article, a new, unconventional furniture company that focuses on simplicity and efficiency, offering modern designs at a fair price point.

Our design group is collaborating with Article to design a lounge chair that is suitable primarily for outdoor use, but with the ability to successfully transition indoors. It should function well on a patio or in a living room. The chair must withstand all weather elements in North America. It should be designed so it can be mass-produced in high volume, and it must have a wood component in its design materials.



We introduce you to Hyvä, a lounge chair that celebrates simplicity and ergonomic comfort. Our group is proposing a different way of sitting and lounging by providing a new experience with Hyvä, which is both satisfying with concern to efficiency and comfort. There is nothing you need to do to find the coziest position for your body: just sitting and laying back, Hyva will do it for you.



The experience we have specially curated for the consumer will not only be joyful and relaxing, but it will also be entertaining, aided by the surprising feature of a rotatable backrest.


Thermal treated ash is the overall material of the lounge chair, which demonstrates a better property of waterproofness, anticorrosive, and durability because the within wood-decay fungus has been minimized. Hyvä can be placed and used securely at your apartment balcony or yard, as a company with you in relish the aesthetic and beauty of nature.

Orthographic Views & Detail Shots



Design Resolution

SDF prototype

Team Photo


We are a team of three industrial design students from Emily Carr University. 

(Kat Zhang, Ryan Hsia Lan, Eve Suen)

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