Munchies Mood is a personalized food experience to help you become more aware of your inner emotions and body.

Munchies Mood

Business Landscape


Where would be the opportunity space?

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 Munchies Recipe Channel

Our user testing revealed that there is a expectation gap between the audience while using the recipe channel, which we see as an opportunity to explore.

Some of the issues raised by the audience & analyzed are as follows:

  1. The lack of categorization of food types in the content results in a sense of overwhelm and a loss of interest while browsing.

  2. Without differentiated style and content to demonstrate the unique qualities of Munchies.

  3. Insufficient user experience in the design of the content pages may cause the audience to disengage.

Tapping into Youths Needs

Understanding Users


Ecosystem Map

we conducted a workshop session connecting the dots by understanding the relationship between user’s need and social trend, which is essential to business design strategies, given the stakes for customers, employees and corporations.

Primary Research

Secondary Research


Using our research and understanding of who gen Z are, we developed 3 personas. By identifying each of their daily activities, challenges they face, and finally their pain points, we were able to understand their needs.

Journey Map

In order to create a story of the daily life of a Gen Z girl, we created a journey map. By viewing her everyday life, we were able to understand her needs and challenges. This method identifies user needs, obstacles, and opportunities in a structured way, which ultimately assists us for finding the point of intervention.


Connect the dots

Research Findings

Gen Z is facing chronic stress
Influenced by many changes and situations in the world, it is shown that 91% of Gen Z has experienced emotional symptoms. Being depressed, anxious, and insecure are feelings that they feel familiar. Based on that, Gen Z is prioritizing well-being and balanced life more than the other previous generations.

Users’ needs:

Mediation in mental health


A medium to look inward

Youths are in need of a place to look inward for personal growth. While we are living in a fast-paced society, the awareness of your current situation would serve as a catalyst for taking action in dealing with personal mental health. 


A channel to express themselves

Communicating how you feel can help you stay aware of your feelings. Cooking could become a way for us to slow down and connect with ourselves. In addition, it can help you release any tension you might be carrying around.


A place to connect with others

The youths are facing a complex problem and by sharing both of their struggles and learnings can help to give a sense of belonging. A validation that they're not alone and there is always a hope.


Why should Munchies leverage mental health in its business?

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