Munchies Mood is a personalized food experience to help you become more aware of your inner emotions and body.

Munchies Mood

Strategic Recommendation
Munchies Mood

To redesign Munchies recipe page, we'll have Munchies Mood, a virtual experience that gives users personalized & curated content. It helps them look inward and connect with like-minded people. 

User Flow
Business model Analysis
Project Roadmap
Implementation Strategy​​
Business Landscape
Competitive Advantages
Munchies Mood is a new innovation designed to differentiate Munchies food channel from a better user experience to a top-of-mind experience. There is no competitor in the media industry that offers a similar approach as Munchies and a way to refresh people's minds on how to find a recipe channel. Hence, this is an opportunity to position Munchies in the food media industry by offering people something new.
Gen Z as the Target Market
  1. In today's society, taking quizzes is a big trend among Gen Z. Because of the spotlight effect in psychology, people pay the most attention to themselves, so taking a quiz is exactly a way that helps individuals learn about themselves and others.

  2. Taking quizzes is not just entertaining for the younger consumers, it is also one of the best ways to reach them. An online quiz enables the company to provide the users with a customized recipe and make them feel special, which makes it a truly unique experience for them.

 Company’s Resource
  1. Since Munchies already have an abundance of recipes in articles and videos, these can be leveled and used as support resources when constructing Munchies Mood.

  2. Munchies Mood is in line with the company's commitment to provide its audience with a unique food & cooking experience.

  3. As a result of VICE's brand values and mission to dedicate itself to the arts and culture, Munchies Mood serves as a vehicle for exploring food and recipe pairings in an artistic, creative, and unconventional way.

Operational Strategy

Cost Structure


In order to be relevant with the users, conducting deeper research to Gen Z through survey, interview, and focus group discussion will be needed. To have their time, VICE will need to give incentives to get insightful answers from participants.

Web Development 

Focusing on the user experience, a redesigned website is part of the agenda for Munchies. There will be a cost for the IT team as well the UI and UX designer to develop an appealing site. 

Branding & Marketing 

Munchies Mood will need a branding design that catches the eye of the users. A plan on the awareness, consideration, and conversion stage will help to engage the users strategically. To increase the awareness of Munchies Mood, there will be a cost on digital marketing as well on collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders and community to spread this initiative. 


By being aware that Munchies is a food channel under a media business, VICE will need to have external partners. First is an expert on behavioral science such as a psychologist to design the quiz. Second will be the nutritionist to help cater the category on the food library. 

Event Management 

To make Munchies Mood bigger, in the future we have planned to make it offline. There will be cost from conception until logistics that will appear during this phase.

Revenue Stream

Branding packages in food library 

Munchies will be able to let restaurants or brands to promote their ingredients on the how-to section. 


Food packages in collaborative munchies mood 

Munchies will be able to have a consignment option at the collaborators’ place. 


Global marketplace 

Munchies can create a new different unit for this marketplace that is serving a personalized & curated ingredients and food packages for the consumers. 



By having a compelling strategy on Munchies Mood, VICE can offer brands to tap 

into the project by putting advertisements.