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Munchies Mood is a personalized food experience to help you become more aware of your inner emotions and body.

Munchies Mood


Jan. 2022 - May. 2022

(5 Months)


VICE Media Group

My role

Lead UI UX designer


2 UI UX Designer,

1 Product Manager,

1 Design Researcher


Vice Media is looking to update
their Munchies page (food channel). Why?

Our team is collaborating with Munchies, Vice Media’s food channel, to help bring innovative digital solutions for expanding web traffic and engagement rate.

It’s experiencing
relatively lower traffic
Adverse effects on revenue
and overall performance

Youths are Munchies's targeted users

So first, let us define who are the youths.
And what does youths 
cares about nowaday?

Gen Z, born 1997-2012, is digital, curious, dynamic, and impact-driven. These generations are exposed to major social issues such as human rights, politics, and health, which directly affect their well-being.

Understanding users through talking with them directly

We conducted 60 interviews and a focus group discussion to dive deeper into understanding our users and see how Munchies could serve as a medium to bring happiness or relieve stress.

Research Finding 1

80% of respondents often associate food choices with their emotions

Comfort foods like desserts and snacks are preferred when feeling stressed or sad.


Research Finding 2

75% of respondent finds personalized content is very important

Users prefer personalized recipes based on mood and dietary preferences.


Researh Finding 3

80% says interactive content is highly enjoyed, especially quizzes and polls.

Users want more interactive features like mood quizzes and cooking challenges.


Research Finding 4

65% of respondents frequently share food-related content on social media

Motivations for sharing include showcasing cooking skills and connecting with friends.


Web Crituqe

Following the interviews, we conducted design critique, leveraging comprehensive feedback collected regarding the current webpage.


So...where'd be our opportunity space?

After all the research and insight defining, we connected the dots and did a sensemaking workshop within the team. We came up with the core functionality for the web redesign.

Based on our discussions and analysis, we confirmed our design goals,
which are insights into the direction we're heading.

A medium to look inward

While we are living in a fast-paced society, the awareness of your current situation would serve as a catalyst for taking action in dealing with personal mental health.

A channel to
release tension

Cooking could become a way for us to slow down and connect with ourselves. In addition, it can help you release any tension you might be carrying around.

A place to
connect with others

The youths are facing a complex problem and by sharing both of their struggles and learnings can help to give a sense of belonging. 

Munchies Mood, a mood quiz to get you personalized recommendations for food ingredients and recipes. It will include 3 section:
(1)a quiz section, (2)a food library section, and (3)A space section for sharing your own recipe.

The Strategy

What'd be the core of the Munchies Page redesign?

The following Infomation Architecture outlines how each section will be implemented.

User Flow#0.png
User Flow#1.png
User Flow#2.png
User Flow#3.png


How might VICE Munchies page boost up their user engagement rate though leveraging food experiences and address the pain points of Gen Z?

2 Take a mood quiz to get your recipe today


In our final presentation, we impressed the VP of content at VICE as “a unique idea that has never been done before among competitors and can be achieved easily.”

Future Steps

Building user community

With the core design for Munchies Mood in place, the next step would be delving deeper into fostering user community.


The "Share My Recipe" page is key here. We'll focus on making the recipe upload process user-friendly and engaging. For exmple, Clear instructions, drag-and-drop photo functionality, and mood/dietary tag options will streamline recipe sharing.


Also, how we could incentivize participation? Maybe consider featuring user-generated recipes on the homepage or a dedicated "Community Favorites" section. Or social media integration will be crucial for user engagement and content discovery.

Strategic rollout plan

Exploring the potential of Munchies Mood, we don’t want to stop the idea at one time execution. Below will be the future plan for Munchies Mood that can be beneficial not only for VICE & Gen Z, but also to the society.

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Munchies Mood

To support Gen Z's well-being through food experiences.

1 Redesigned Munchies Page

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