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Munchies Mood is a personalized food experience to help you become more aware of your inner emotions and body.

Munchies Mood

Who We Are?
Phase 1: Strategy Design Team

A group of 3 Master’s students under Strategic Design and Management 2023 cohort who come from diverse backgrounds and called themselves the dumpling team.

Cut Lakeisha Salsabila Pradhanitya

Brand Architecture

Originality: Indonesia 


Lakeisha aims to bring a holistic concept that has emotional & functional benefit for the business and society.

Eve Suen

Design Strategist

Originality: China


Eve aims to bring empathy and human-centric solutions based on her foundation on product, interaction, and visual design.

Thita Tunlayadechanont

Research Strategist


Originality: Thailand


Thita aims to bring relevant strategy to the design and art industry, which incorporates globalization & multiculturality.

Phase 2: UX/UI Design Team

Eve Suen

UI/UX Designer

Jinghong Cai

UI/UX Designer

Behind the Project

Special thanks to Lakeisha, Thita and Jinghong for all the amazing collaboration journey!

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