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Eve Suen

What makes me happiest as a UX designer?
UX appealed to my belief :"a good design is a good business”, so it’s always rewarding to be a UX-er because we’re crafting the foundation of a good business.

How does my personal experience make me a UX designer?
I was born in a blended family in Shenzhen, China. I moved to Hong Kong when I was ten years old and haven't lived with my parents since then. When I was 15 years old, I came to Vancouver to complete my high school studies in Canada. Following that, I finished my undergraduate degree and am now in the US for my masters.

I have been constantly thrown into new surroundings since I was young. When you are faced with new people, cultures and languages, it can be intimidating, but it has helped me to build up my abilities for patience, acceptance and empathy that have helped me in UX. Also, Getting in touch with different people has helped me develop communication skills, resilience, and adaptability. ​UX gives me a sense of value because it enables my strength and allows me to see different touch points more than others. And I found that I could make a difference by being an empathy driven designer.

Building Self-worth in my Career

I think happiness comes in finding a career I love and pursuing it. I’d love to pursue my passions in a positive and practical manner. Everyone lives in this competitive environment with limited resources. Rather than staying above the breadline and performing tasks for survival, I would like to add new tasks into my repertoire of goals for pursuing my dreams.

Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or LinkedIn below! Happy to chat for work or friendship! :)

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