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Eve Suen

Hello! I’m Eve, a Creative Design Lead currently at Autodesk Fusion Marketing.

In today's era of information overload, people are bombarded with vast amounts of data on a daily basis. As a creative strategist, my mission is to bridge the gap between brands and audience in this bombarded information world. 

Before getting into the field of marketing, I have a background spanning both business and product experience design, therefore bringing a multifaceted perspective and skill set into the field. I'm passionate about problem solving through communicating a product's essence, core values, and narrative from a user-centric way and utilizing design thinking processes.

From a young age, I've harbored a passion for painting, writing, and problem-solving to design and make. However, it wasn't until that I realized the purpose behind these interests—to serve as a conduit between brands and consumers. There’d be lots of challenges persuading individuals to believe in a product, yet I view it as the driving force and focus of my career trajectory.

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Brand Strategy

Creative Direction

Motion Graphic

Video Editing

Experience Design

User Research

AB Testing

Project management

Market Research

Product-Led Growth

SEO Strategy

Email Marketing

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